Year 9 Science Books

Year 9 start their Science GCSE course this year with Triple Science; this will be three GCSE qualifications. We have created our GCSE course using the CGP Science textbooks. Your child will use three text books throughout the course up to their final examinations in year 11. 

I am writing to inform you of how you can support the learning of your child throughout their Science GCSE. The text books below can be used to support further learning at home by going over the material already learnt. Students will also find it beneficial to be quizzed by you on the particular topic being studied. 

It is essential and beneficial for all students to have their personal copies of these books. Homework, exam practice and independent study will be set from these books. 

The price of these books from the CPG website is £18.99 per book, but we can buy these for you at a reduced rate of £8 for each book; you will need to purchase the books through Parent Pay. Once the book is purchased, the school’s finance office will inform the science department and we will then distribute the books to the students.

I cannot stress enough how important these books are to support your child’s learning. We would hope that all students have purchased their books by Monday 4th October 2021. If there is any reason this is not possible or you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Kind regards 

Mrs M Taqvi 
Head of Science