School Uniform

We believe uniform and appearance are important. Wearing the correct uniform shows that students are proud to belong to our school and high standards of dress help them to focus on high standards in other areas of school life. They are expected to wear school uniform to, from and at all times in school.

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Please be advised that the branded items of school uniform (blazer, jumper and tie) can only be purchased through our uniform suppliers Rough Cut Casuals. The school will no longer be selling school uniform.

  • Online from Rough Cut Casuals and Direct School Wear.
  • In store at Rough Cut Casuals, 16 Chapel Market, London N1 9EZ  Phone:020 7837 7924 (Shop Hours : Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri & Sat 10am – 6pm and Sundays 10am -3pm)

School Uniform list

  • White Shirt with a collar
  • School tie (appropriate colour for KS3 and KS4)
  • Boys – Black school trousers
  • Girls – black knee length skirt/black tailored trousers
  • Black ‘V’ Neck Jumper with school embossed badge
  • Plain black school shoes or ankle boots
  • Girl’s tights, socks –  white, black or transparent
  • Blazer with school embossed badge – compulsory
  • Optional plain black or plain white Hijab scarf
  • School coat should be plain in design in black, blue or grey.  Coats are only to be worn in the playground and during travel to and from school.
  • Jewellery – Small stud earrings

Forbidden Items

  • No trainers except for PE
  • No facial piercings
  • No nail extensions
  • No baseball hats at any time
  • Hair colour should be a natural colour, this includes hair extensions and weaves
  • No hoods to be worn indoors
  • No jeggings instead of tailored trousers
  • No hooded jumpers, sweatshirts or non-uniform jumpers to be worn in school

Plain black hats and plain scarves should be purchased during cold weather. They may be worn in the playground and during travel to and from school.

PE Kit

  • PE top with school embossed badge
  • Plain black jog pants or shorts
  • Trainers/football boots


Mobile phones, Mp3 players etc

Students are not allowed mobile phones, mp3 players, headphones, tablets or any other electronic items in school. If students bring these items into school they must remain switched off and out of sight. If they are seen in school, staff will immediately confiscate them, even if they are switched off or not being used. Where there are exceptional medical or family reasons as agreed by the school, students can leave their mobile phones with the Pastoral team and collect it at the end of the day.


Students should have their Planner with them every day and place them on the desk at the start of every lesson. Students without a Planner will receive a detention from the teacher for not being properly equipped for learning.