“The introduction of the Computing curriculum aims to equip pupils with the knowledge, understanding and skills to use information and communication technology creatively and purposefully. A key aspect of this lies in being digitally literate. Online technologies play a huge role and so providing a broad and balanced online safety education at each key stage is vital to ensuring that pupils can navigate the online world safely and positively.” (www.childnet.com)

At Arts and Media School we endeavour to share information and education on E-Safety with our students through our PSHE assemblies and drop down days.

To use ICT equipment safely in the school, all students are also expected to read and agree to the ‘contract for safe computer and internet use’ below. In order to support the school in educating our students about E-safety please read the following rules with your child.

These rules will keep everyone safe and help us to be fair to others.

  • I will only use the school’s computers for appropriate school activities and learning and am aware that the school can monitor my internet use.
  • I will not bring files into school that can harm the school network or be used to circumvent school security tools.
  • I will only edit or delete my own files and not view, or change, other people’s files or user areas without their permission.
  • I will keep my logins, IDs and passwords secret and change my password regularly. I will use the Internet responsibly and will not visit web sites that are inappropriate for the school or my key stage.
  • I will only e-mail or contact people I know, or those approved as part of learning activities.
  • The messages I send, or information I upload, will always be polite and sensible. All messages I send reflect on me and the school.
  • I will be careful when opening files and attachments, checking for viruses etc. If I am unsure I will never open a file.
  • I will not give my personal information that could be used to identify me, my family or my friends on any online space, unless a trusted adult has given permission or reviewed the site.
  • I will never arrange to meet someone I have only ever previously met on the Internet or by email or in a chat room, unless I take a trusted adult with me.
  • If I see anything I am unhappy with or I receive a message that makes me feel uncomfortable, I will not respond to it but I will save it and talk to a trusted adult.
  • I am aware that some websites, games and social networks have age restrictions and I should respect this.
  • I am aware that my online activity at all times should not upset or hurt other people and that I should not put myself at risk.

The ICT and E-Safety Policy provides further information, rules and guidelines for E-safety in our school.

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