Extended School

Research shows that young people who take part in out of school activities do better in school and their attainment levels are higher. More than 250 students participate in over 30 activities each week, led by qualified tutors. Our Gospel Choir have performed at the Emirates Stadium, our dancers at Sadlers Wells and our drama students at the Almeida theatre and the Barbican. We have been recognised for this work through a QISS Award (Quality in Study Support) and we believe that participation fosters a sense of community as well as new friendships. We have a Breakfast Club to help students improve their literacy and a range of lunchtime activities run by our Seniors.

As COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed, the Extended School programme is returning to normal and we are now reintroducing as many of our after school clubs as possible. We are currently having to arrange these around the staggered finish times for KS3 and KS4 but there are already a selection of clubs, sports and activities up and running. There are also the KS4 Prep and KS3 Homework Support facilities which run before and after school respectively.


Extended School Cultural Trip to Elthorne Peace Garden

Our PSHE department joined up with the Extended School to take a group of Year 8 students to Elthorne Park to visit the Phillip Noel Baker Peace Garden.

As part of their study of the nuclear debate, the students took a look around the park with its various symbols of peace and particularly the plaque to commemorate the people who lost their lives in Hiroshima and Nagasaki to understand the horrors of nuclear weapons.

Art Club Animation Workshop at the Royal College of Art

Ms. Wood took eleven of her Year 7 & 8 art club students to the RCA for a workshop on stop-frame animation as part of the ReachOutRCA programme.

Organised by artist Jasleen Kaur, who worked with us on the Art on the Underground Project, the workshop gave a brief insight into stop-frame animation used in the film industry before getting down to practical work in creating 2D backgrounds followed by claymation figures.

Community Cohesion

As part of our work on community cohesion, we hold additional meetings for Turkish, Bengali and Somali parents with a translator present and offer courses which parents and their children can follow together such as First Aid and ESOL.

We also encourage our students to work within our local community; an inter-generational Cookery Club provides an annual Christmas lunch for Senior Citizens and a Summer Tea Dance; we work extensively with local Primary Schools and house rehearsals for the Islington Youth Theatre.

We develop a sense of responsibility and citizenship through an active programme of charitable support. Awareness-raising projects have included ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’ and a ‘Help for Haiti’ Concert. Year 9 students work on ‘A Year of Giving’; an initiative to encourage students to look outside themselves at the wider world.