Cultural Week

Many thanks go to the Student Council who were heavily involved in the design of the AMSI ‘Cultural Week’ (4th July 2022- 8th July 2022) and they supported staff to organise the festivities.

It was a huge success! AMSI staff and students enjoyed dishes from around the world being cooked by the students to celebrate the diversity with the school. In addition, Islington Youth Council and the LGBTQ charity Mosaic also visited the school during the week to raise awareness about the work that they do.

During this week, students participated in school trips to various enriching locations (e.g. Natural History Museum) and finished the week with staff and students dressing in traditional clothing to represent their ethnicity/ identity or wearing colours of a flag of their choice.

The funds raised from selling the food and students donating money to the school on the final day will go towards purchasing equipment for students to use at break and lunchtimes, as requested by the School Council.

The response to ‘Cultural Week’ was incredible and we thank the students at AMSI for bringing this initiative to the attention of the Senior Leadership Team so that it could be carried out the way they wanted.

Cultural Trips Day

As part of Cultural Week, all year 7, 8 & 9 students were taken out on a cultural trip in Central London!

One of the great things about living in the capital is the easy access that we all have to the many cultural and educational institutions and events that people from all over the country and world travel to see. At AMSI, we are more than aware of how fortunate we are, in this respect, and therefore seek to put in place as many opportunies to utilise what London has to offer.

Our Summer Cultural Trips Day has now been running since 2015 (with the exeption of the pandemic break). It is a day that the students enjoy and is a welcome break from the classroom. Many thanks again to Mr. Bethell for organising and coordinating the staff and events for this wonderful and educational day.

Cultural Week Food Festival

Cultural Week also included two days of cultural cuisine as students cooked food from around the globe to highlight the diversity that we have within the school.

The food then went on sale to the students in the courtyard with music playing to create the atmosphere of travelling to countries around the world. Delicious!

Traditional Clothing Day

Wow!! What a response from our AMSI students! On the final day or Cultural Week, we asked our students to wear the traditional clothing of their particular culture and did they ever embrace it!

The majority of the school community, students and staff, dressed up in widely different clothing on the warm summer’s day. The school has never looked so colourful. It was wonderful to see such an array of dress and then for each and everyone of us to find out which country was being represented. It truly highlighted the rich diversity that we have in our school and how that, in itself, complements the education that each of our students receives at Arts & Media School Islington.

More Pictures from the Traditional Clothes Celebration
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