Musician of the Week

For ‘Musician of the Week’ this week we are showcasing one of our incredibly talented Year 7 musicians. 

After last week’s amazing ensemble performance of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers classic ‘Dani California’, our ‘Musician of the Week’ this week has also written the song that she is performing so beautifully.

Shantae was one of a number of Year 7 students who worked with ex AMSI student, Jermain Jackman, and Bad Lay-Dee on the project ‘My Voice and Me’. Shantae wrote “End Up Fine” as part of this project.

Thank you, as always, to Jermain and Bad Lay-Dee for their continued inspiration, all of the students who attended and especially, of course, to Shantae for her resilience and dedication in producing such an incredible song! 

We will be back next week in the Music Gallery with an incredible vocal performance from one of our YR9 singers…