Year 6 Transition Day

Dear Parents, Carers and Students, 

We are delighted that you have formally accepted the offer of a place in the new Year 7 cohort at AMSI. I am writing to you to introduce myself as the Head of Year 7, and to update you on the transition programme ahead of you starting at the school in September. 

Transition Day Thursday 01 July 2021

The AMSI Transition day will take place on Thursday 01 July from 9.00am until 12.30pm. This is the pan-Islington transition day, so most Year 6 students will be visiting their secondary school on this day.

The Taster Day is designed to provide students  with a flavour of what AMSI school life is about; our routines, systems, culture and so on. We are aware that many of the students will not have actually visited the school site before, so the emphasis will be on orientation and the AMSI ethos that Every Child is a Scholar. 

Please make sure that your child is in their current full school uniform, and please ensure that you child does not arrive until around 8.50am. Students should enter through the main student doors, where they will be greeted and signed in. Parents are encouraged to pick up their child at the end of the session, although we would ask that you not come on to the school site. Your child will be provided with a hot snack and a drink during their break. 

We trust that students will benefit from this taster day as it will provide them with opportunities to ask any questions and address any queries they may have about this exciting next chapter of their lives.

Transition Visits and Calls 

Over the coming weeks, key staff will be making contact with you to welcome you to the school community, and to answer any questions you may have about your child starting here at AMSI. We understand that it is an anxious time for both adults and children, so please feel free to ask any questions you may have. 

In addition to this, key staff will either be visiting primary schools or hosting virtual sessions which will allow the students to ask any questions they may have about the school or transition to secondary school in generaL. 

Free School Meals and Uniform

If you believe your child is entitled to free school meals, you must apply online at

Please note that even if your child received free school meals in primary school, a new application for secondary school must be made.

We are proud of our young people and encourage them to be proud of their school and their community. One key aspect of this is that all of our students wear a smart uniform. This promotes safety, a sense of community and demonstrates that students are ready to work. If you would like to get started on purchasing our uniform please click the button below for more details.

Summer School 

We have already made contact with you with regards to our Summer School provision. Those of you that took up the offer will receive more information in due course, but please note that it will run for a week from August 23-27. 

Finally, please note that Year 7’s first day at AMSI will be Friday 03 September. I hope the above information is helpful. I wish you and your families all the best and look forward to welcoming your family to the AMSI community! 

Dexter Morgan-Thompson

Head of Year 7